TLR Hydraulics has been providing full-service machining services to clients all over the world for over 30 years. We will workMachine Shop closely with our customers to machine unique parts. We have an outstanding reputation for quality machining work and great customer service. Our goal is to ensure your parts are made to your specs the first time, and every time afterwards. Our experienced crew has the training and tools required to take care of all of your fabrication and repair needs.

We have full machine shop and welding services with highly experienced machinists to get the job done. If you entrust us to keep your equipment up and running, we will come get it to fix it and bring it back quickly as good as new and sometimes better. Look to us provide you with the highest quality, service and products at competitive prices every time.

TLR Hydraulics has several Co-ordinate Measuring Machines and other measuring devices that ensure the proper measurements on all of our machined parts. Our calibration programs, controlled environment, and on-machine probing systems are all part of our rigid in-house quality control procedure.







Machine Shop Services

We specialize in crane repair, pump motor and valve repair, welding, fabrication, hoses and accessories, oilfield equipment repair and we custom build cylinders. Our customers look to us for great quality, value and service. It is our goal to deliver on these expectations every time.

Our highly-trained, in-house machinists must surpass our expectations of speed and accuracy in order to operate any of our lathes or CNC machines, in order to provide fast service and quick turnaround for our clients. Our in-house shop makes it possible for a faster turn-around because we do not have to farm anything out.  We are experienced in design and machining of new and specialty machine parts, fixtures, dies, and die components.

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