TLR Hydraulics was founded and built on cylinder repair. With over a century of combined knowledge, 3rd generation hydraulic specialist, Thomas “Tom” Rupe, has set the standard for cylinder repair. Our business has been built and operates to this standard with quality and customer satisfaction being our number one priority. We believe that we are the above the rest in hydraulic cylinder repair.

Hydraulic cylinders are critical to your productivity, and when one fails you need it repaired quickly and accurately. The repair process for a hydraulic cylinder may seem rather straightforward, but there are certain important aspects that must be kept in mind for the repair to be done correctly the first time.

TLR Hydraulics has the ability to work on cylinders up to 60 feet long and 105 inches in diameter.

  • Custom cylinders
  • Telescopic cylinders
  • Tie rod cylinders
  • Mill-type cylinders
  • Servo-actuated cylinders
  • All Press cylinders
  • Welded cylinders

In some cases, our cylinder inspection process may reveal damages that go beyond a simple hone and reseal, in which, our certified technicians develop a plan for repair. This repair plan involves communication with our customer to better suit their needs.

In addition to cylinder repair, we can also repair or manufacture any cylinder component including rods, eyes, glands, flanges, ports, pistons, end plates, and tubes that will meet OEM specifications.  

At TLR Hydraulics, we believe in staying current with the latest innovation and technological standards. We understand our customers’ needs to keep their current working equipment in good condition. When down-time arises, make us your only choice for cylinder repair.

We work on any size and any type. If you need removal and installation of cylinders, our service technicians are at your service. All of our equipment comes with a warranty.

Our In-House Work Means Faster Turnaround For You!

You will find the machine shop at TLR Hydraulics has the equipment and expertise to complete your repairs

or fabricate custom hydraulics quickly and precisely, using state-of-the-art machinery.